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The Jungle: Migrant Crisis Documentary
22 Mar 2016

Solent TV sent a team of four students to Calais to meet the people who live and work in the jungle.

Calais Migrants Jump On Board Lorries
June 23rd 2015

Helicopter footage shows Migrants attempting to board lorries near Calais. Large numbers of migrants are attempting to get into cars and lorries, backed up at Calais, because of a strike by French ferry workers. Ships are not being allowed to leave or enter the port. Eurotunnel says it has reduced its shuttle train services between Calais and Folkestone and queues are building up on approaches to Dover.

Calais Migrants Crisis: 
Inside 'The Jungle' Migrant Camp - BBC News
31st July 2015

The BBC's Paul Adams spends two nights with some of the migrants trying to gain access to the rail track that run through the Channel Tunnel.

Migrant Crisis: 
"The Jungle" in the Heart of Calais - BBC Newsnight
30th July 2015

In Calais, there's a make-shift camp called "The Jungle". It's home to a diverse community of displaced people. Filmmaker Dave Young produced this report for Newsnight from inside the camp.

St. Michael’s Church In The Jungle, Calais
August 16th 2015

3, 000 migrants, Most are Muslims. There are some Christians as well, and they have constructed their St. Michael’s Church IN THE JUNGLE!
"That’s our church“, "We love this church more than us!“


A visit to the Jungle, Calais from Ben Spurway on Vimeo.

Banksy Art Criticises Treatment of Calais Refugees 
BBC News
25th January 2016

The latest artwork by Banksy artwork criticises the apparent use of teargas on refugees in the Calais "Jungle" camp.

Not Just A Bunch of Migrants
Help Refugees
2nd February 2016

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