Monday, 29 August 2016


OUR WORLD: Calais - The Final Frontier
21st March 2015

Thousands of migrants have descended on the northern French port of Calais, all of them desperate to make it to the UK to start a new life. While mainstream politicians trade blame, a full scale humanitarian crisis has developed, with hungry people living in appalling conditions -- crime rates rising and riots breaking out as the migrants try to storm the truck parks and port zones.

 BBC Documentary 
"I’m a trucker Not an Immigration Officer"
10th June 2015

Lorry drivers passing through Calais, northern France, say they are now taking on the role of amateur immigration officer, as they struggle to keep would-be asylum seekers from gaining entry to the UK in their vehicles.
Some drivers are sympathetic to the migrants' plight but for others, their patience has been exhausted.

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